Caroline (a pretty woman with dirty blond hair who is smiling) and Dafne (An apricot poodle in a puppy show cut sitting next to Caroline) showcasing the power of teamwork, leading to a happy life filled with joy and companionship made possible with the knowledge Caroline shares with the clients of Steadfast Dogs.

Caroline Hilliard

Welcome to Steadfast Dogs! My name is Caroline Hilliard and I am Steadfast Dogs’ owner and trainer.   I have…

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Krystal (a woman with short brown hair and sunglasses) and Tzila (A black lab pressing her nose against the side of Krystal's face), exemplifying a healthy relationship built on trust and companionship built with the help of Steadfast Dogs.

Krystal Elder

Hey there, I’m Krystal, Steadfast Dog’s service dog team often seen on our social media accounts. I’m thrilled to welcome…

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