Krystal E.

When I decided I wanted to get a service dog, all of the providers were closed for applications due to high demand. We decided to try owner training, instead. Boy, was it a whole different ballgame than training the pets I’ve had previously. Caroline met the puppy prospects with us, performed the behavioral assessment, and has been a key player in raising my pup to be the confident, smart, helpful and loyal dog she is now. I really could not have done this without her, though. My dog was great – she’s smart, she’s keen and she loves to learn. However, I didn’t know how to teach her what I wanted her to learn. Caroline did, however. I had met several trainers, and we did not see eye to eye – they were not able to help me train within my abilities, which are different than most people, but Caroline found a work around every time I hit a limitation. She was encouraging where the others weren’t, and she always gave me the boost I needed when I wasn’t sure I could do this. She’s got so many valuable tools in her toolbelt, and she shared all of them to help us achieve our goals. Thank you so much.