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Welcome to Steadfast Dogs

Where no dog or problem is too big or too small

We specialize in customizing our dog training services to fit your needs and the needs of your dog.
You might be here for help with the chaos of starting with a puppy, or an untrained shelter dog. Perhaps you or someone you know could benefit from having a service animal help with a disability, or you’re looking for a safe and reliable family protector. Whatever goal you are looking to work toward, we would be happy to help. If you are frustrated by problem behaviors like aggression, barking and over exuberance, we can show you how to apply solutions in real life situations, and teach you to understand what your dog needs.

Are you too busy? In most situations we can do the work for you and just show you how to handle and maintain the finished product.

If you aren’t having a great time, you are missing the point of owning a dog, and we want to help!

Our aim is to assist you in achieving your ideal relationship with your dog, and to unleash their potential with as little time and trouble as necessary.

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Dog Training Services

Dealing with dogs is an individual journey, and what works for one dog team may not work for another. We’ll find a way that works for you, within your and your dog’s limits. Customized training programs can be adjusted as needed to ensure successfully achieving the goals you have in mind when you start your training. Books, online courses and handouts can be a good starting point, but might not be able to help with unexpected drawbacks. We can help you overcome the trouble areas.

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